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Whether it’s 10 degrees or 180 degrees, you decide. I’m here to help you make change.


By many measures, things in your life are good


Except for the part that feels like a dream where you’re running as fast as you can, but not getting any closer.

You can point to a lot of successes.  By exterior measures, others probably look at you and think everything seems great.  And it is!  

Except when you bump into someone who is doing something closer to what you want to be doing.

Except when you go to do your work, and feel like you’re drying up a bit inside.

Except when you still feel undercompensated for the work you’re putting in.

It’s not that you haven’t thought about change.


You have ideas all the time, and toyed with some specific ones.  Even looking into them or registering a domain name. They’re just not happening.  And that feels weird, because you’re a driven person, so you can’t explain why you haven’t gotten anywhere - or why progress feels so sloooooowwwww.

Okay, okay, if you’re honest, you could name a few reasons - 

For one, it’s not like your house is on fire and you’re desperate to escape.  You COULD keep going for a little longer.

Besides, stuff keeps coming up - a move to a new city, kid needs, illnesses, travel - it's hard to squeeze in anything else.

The trouble is, ‘a little longer’ has now become longer than you care to admit.


two things you need to know:


#1: You are never going to be completely caught up on your current projects.

A business isn't like college - there is no grand graduation where you're 'done' and celebrate and go start a new job.

If you want to have your idea perfect or everything aligned before you start, you’re going to stay running in place - a place that will slowly feel more constraining.

#2: Your market is going to change, if it hasn’t already - and your next profit center needs to be in place before it does.

Blockbuster to Netflix.  Film to digital.  Algorithms upended.  You move or have a baby.  Change happens all the time.  More is coming.

Even if you’re not ready to make a big change, starting your next thing *before* you absolutely need it is how good businesses survive.

This is where PIVOT comes in.


Pivot is 12 weeks of working side by side with Jenika to make change happen


March 16th - June 10th, 2020.

Together, we will work 1:1 and in a close-knit group to discover what you need to change, and make it happen. 

Maybe you want to add a service, experiment with a wild idea, or launch a new business altogether.  Whatever it is:  You're ready to act on what's been nudging you, even if it seems big or outside your current know-how.

Using a clear blueprint, we will create your first strategy, run real tests, engineer how and why you'll get paid, handle big feelings and mental blocks, and respond in real time to everything that happens.  I'll be right there as you take each step.

If you start to fall, you can grab my elbow to steady yourself.  (Maybe we'll both topple over - it'll be hilarious.  Like that one scene in While You Were Sleeping.)

Pivot was designed for creators like you who have succeeded at something before, but who would love personal, expert guidance while they make this next change.

PIVOT is hard-capped at 12 people.  Registration ends THIS THURSDAY, March 12th, or when spots are full.


Weekly lightning lesson

Look, you're up to your eyeballs in classes as it is. I'll send lightning quick nuggets (10 mins or less) that will shift your perspective, offer practical steps, and build courage.

Week by week, we'll eliminate limiting beliefs and change how you see yourself & your work.  (I promise to only freak you out occasionally by how much it feels like I'm reading your mind.)

Value: $499


Weekly close-knit Zoom call

Business is lonely, and friends and spouses can't always offer advice.  Every Thursday at 2pm EST we'll meet as a small group to talk through what you're facing.  We will fearlessly explore feelings, fears, options, and obstacles.  You'll leave knowing exactly what to do next.  This isn't a giant group call with hundreds of strangers where you only get one question half-answered.  You'll be seen and heard, every time.

Value: $1297


1:1 conversations with Jenika

Some issues deserve privacy, space, and attention.  You'll also have one 90-min 1:1 call with Jenika in the first month, and one 30-minute call in the last month. 

This is where we'll map out your goals and how you'll achieve them.  Plus, you'll get weekly check-ins by email, with Jenika answering questions by personal recorded video where needed.

Value: $1938


Pivot is for you if…

  • You are currently running a business
  • Something needs to pivot: You want to go in a new direction, add or remove a core service, or fashion a new path entirely.  (You might not know yet, and that's okay.)
  • You’ve toyed with ideas for awhile but feel held in place.  You’re not totally sure why, but somewhere in the swirl is a mix of fear, overwork, needing to maintain a current business, and a dash of “I’m not ready, and who am I to do this?”
  • You are a driven person, and can’t quite explain why you haven't been getting anywhere, or why progress feels so slow.
  • Your computer is full of training you’ve downloaded, and you binge on free trainings online, but none of it has the answers you’re looking for.

A couple of these probably apply to you, too:

  • You don’t like leaving things unfinished, and would never put your name on something that won’t represent you well.  This makes it hard to start new things before you feel ready.
  • You tend to put others’ needs and interests before your own, which keeps pushing your own goals back.
  • Your life is full of legitimate obligations you don’t want to abandon - planned work, family, volunteer work, travel - all of which tends to disrupt efforts to make moves toward this shift.
  • You have a nagging feeling that change might let someone else down.
  • Either you don't feel like enough of an expert to start, or it's so important to you that the mere thought of falling on your face bruises your heart.
  • You know how to charge appropriately for your work, but still have situations where you’re not earning as much as you would like to be, even though you don’t feel like your goals are particularly wild or greedy.
  • You’ve made at least one meaningful career or role shift in your life, so you know you can make change.  It’s not clear why it isn’t working this time.

PIVOT is unlike many business programs.


This isn’t a 6 step program to hustle you into becoming a carbon copy of me.  It’s a step by step program to turn you into the next version of what you want your life to look like.

I am not going to pressure you into following a schedule that doesn’t make sense for you.

We measure success your way.  You will not be blamed or shamed for not achieving something on a certain time frame.  But you will be loved and supported into stretching yourself beyond what you currently think you’re capable of.

PIVOT is delivered with:

Real help for real life.  Whether you’re team “squeeze between client calls” or team “I’m doing this from the bathroom while my kid eats an applesauce squeeze,” we work at your pace.

Flexibility.  Will you be out of town for ten days right in the middle?  That’s actually perfect. Normally, disruptions derail progress, but in PIVOT, we’ll be waiting to catch you when you return and keep going.

Honesty:  You don’t have to fake it.  You don’t have to say "that's a great idea," but have that sinking feeling that it isn’t going to apply to you.  We'll talk it through.  PIVOT is about right-sizing your plans for your reality. That’s how you win.

Accountability.  Each week you’ll know your task, and you’ll report back on your progress.

Organic motivation.  If you haven’t felt on fire in awhile, chances are you don’t have a clear idea of what you want or how to get there.  I’ll teach you the two fastest ways to test whether something is right so you can quit mulling and move forward.

Kindness.  Enough said.


About Jenika


I have pivoted successfully many times.

I’ve been an Ivy League behavioral neuroscience student, a psychology graduate student, a professional photographer, an award-winning blogger, a teacher, a writing consultant, a website copywriter, a public speaker, a mother, a volunteer leader, and a mentor to climate activists, venture capitalists, and a whole lot of creative souls.

I never get the ‘Sunday evening dreads,’ because at the first sign of them, I start making change within weeks.  I’ve leapt from the confines of a fully funded position into the unknown more than once and made it work. When a change is needed, I know what to do next.

But I’m not teaching from the single data point of my life experience - I use proven methods backed by science, research, and the wisdom of centuries.  Case studies are immensely valuable, but I’m not here to be one - I simply know firsthand the theories aren’t just theories.  I can’t wait for the excited email you’ll send me when they work for you, too.

What clients say about working with me...

“You climbed into my head and finished forming my half-formed thoughts. Is it possible to do it a second time? It feels like magic.” - R.T.

“You’re a wizard.” - T.M.

“I feel like you’re my brand therapist right now.”  - T.B.

"All the knowledge, tips and tricks you so generously shared, make me so much more confident I can do this. I feel like you just gave me a paintbrush and colors I didn’t even know I have." - H.T.

"Thank you for looking beyond the veneer and letting me blather on about things that aren't necessarily pertinent to the mission at hand ...because I think it all factors into the big picture. And as much as I hide from that cinema screen of life, I want to thank you for seeing me there in a way that didn't make me want to scurry into the dark corners." - C.H.

"You might remember we had a Skype call quite a few years ago which I really appreciated.  At the time I was still trying to pursue family photography…eventually I gave in...to the realisation wasn’t actually passionate about photographing kids!

For the last four years I’ve been doing music photography exclusively.  I had a slow start in the early days but then I decided to narrow my focus even further (sound familiar? :)) on the music photography market...Today I get commissioned to photograph some of the biggest artists on this scene - I’ve also started working in film as well so this year my commissions have included documentary and music videos...I’m having to turn work away….

Keep up the good work!" - R.B.

A taste of what we'll learn & work on...

Stage 1 - mindset reset: Get clear

  • Pinpoint what needs change, why, and work directly with Jenika in an intensive 1:1 to make a plan
  • Learn the Harvard Business School two-part test for choosing the one idea that will be the most satisfying and deserving of your time
  • Correct any mismatch between what you want to do + the story you tell yourself about who you are.  (Once this is in place, most people are shocked by how quickly they move.)
  • Learn exactly how to overcome common thoughts such as:  I can't do this, I have too many ideas, I don't have time, What if I find out I'm not good at this, What if no one shows up and it's embarassing, I can't charge people for that.  Learn how to handle these, for good.

Stage 2 - Experiment & Earn

  • Learn how to get paid while you test your ideas.  Even if the very idea of that makes you laugh right now.
  • With Jenika's help, you'll create and launch a real world experiment with your idea.  Learn how to do it, how to describe it to people to get them on board, and what to do with the results.
  • Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."  The problem with most classes is, you're left hanging the minute real life diverges from the 'program.'  As you take your first steps, you'll report back and we'll tweak together.
  • Lightning Lessons cover things like how to set boundaries & manage your time, plus the special technique for keeping up a streak of change, even if you suddenly have less time than planned.

Stage 3 - it's happening!

  • Things are really cooking now - and we are here to keep you going.  This phase will be highly tailored to the needs of the group.
  • We will cover practical angles of getting eyes on your work, selling, changing prices (and explore why you might have been underearning before).
  • Meanwhile, you'll learn how to maintain motivation when you leave the "inspiration" phase and encounter the "now it's real" phase.  There is a weird sadness when you let go of endless possibility and encounter the friction of creating.  Learn how to stay motivated and energetic, for real.
  • Review progress, map out the next three months in detail!
  • Have a final meeting with Jenika to review how things have gone, refresh yourself on how your mindset changes apply to this new phase, wrangle final challenges, and plan your next moves.

Based on Jenika's real coaching rates, Pivot is valued at over $3,734.

Join: $897/month for 3 months

Reserve your seat with a $300 retainer today.  The balance of the first payment ($597) is due March 16th.  The remaining two payments will be due in full on April 16th and May 16th. 

When you sign up, you commit to pay for all three months.  You won't want to miss what happens at the end, either!

All payments are non-refundable.  Clicking "Sign Up Now" signals your agreement to our Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy.

Want to audit?

Can't swing the 1:1 intensive option just now?  I got you.

Audit PIVOT and receive:

  • The same weekly Lightning Lessons.  Big change becomes bite size.
  • Biweekly Q&A: Submit questions via secure form whenever they come up.  Every other week, Jenika will record a video personally answering all of them (with time stamps + a transcript to make finding answers easy).  No live calls or other 1:1 coaching is included, but you'll get every question answered.  Twice a month comes around faster than you think! 😉

Audit Pivot:  $99/month for 3 months

Reserve your audit seat for $99 now.  (Payment will renew automatically 1 and 2 months from today so you don't miss any PIVOT goodness!)

All payments are non-refundable.  Clicking "Sign Up Now" signals your agreement to our Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy.


What time are the calls?

Weekly group calls will be held via Zoom every Thursday at 2pm, EST.  Recordings will be posted on a private page.  They will last at least an hour, sometimes more.  You may attend all of them, or as many as you like.

Your two 1:1 calls will be scheduled during the first and last months of class.  These are critical to the program; any unused calls are forefited at the end of the 12 weeks.  But no worries, there will be plenty of slots to accommodate different schedules and time zones.

What if I'm going out of town during this time?

First, you can attend our Zoom calls from anywhere with an internet connection.  But also, the purpose of Pivot being 12 weeks is that it's long enough to run into normal life bumps like travel and illness, and you'll have someone to catch you on the other side.  It's your call, but the goal here is to acknowledge real life and change anyway.  Conditions don't have to be perfect for change to begin.  Email me with any questions about your situation!

Are any of my payments refundable?

No payments are refundable, and once you sign up you are responsible for making all three payments, even if you decide not to participate in all calls.  But take heart:  I have been teaching online to rave reviews for over 8 years now, and I am deeply committed to making sure you are thrilled with what you receive.  If at any point you aren't over the moon about how things are going, email me and we will make it right.

I don't think i'm ready.  bringing jenika in means I have to actually do something.  i'll think about this later.  also, I need a donut.

I know, I know.  Yes, if you keep your desires as comfortable daydreams, you can indulge in them without having to risk anything.

Yes, the nudge to do something can be temporarily piled under carbs and endless "I need to get caught up on what I'm doing right now" self-promises.

But if you feel a deep nudge to do something different, change is already inevitable.  "I'll think about this later" simply translates into "I'm willing to miss the opportunities that are coming at me right now."  You may not see them yet, but they're opening as we speak.

Let's make change on your own terms, right now, while honoring your life and schedule, without making you betray anything that's important to you.  It's okay if the idea seems bigger than you're capable of.  That's why we get ideas - they're meant to make us stretch.  And I'll be right here to help.

(Wait, why am I on a website called "psychology for creators" right now?)

Don't worry!  Still me, Jenika here.  The principles of PIVOT are as applicable to a photographer moving from weddings to newborns as they are to a graphic designer becoming a librarian or a CEO quitting their job and becoming a kale farmer.  This felt like a clearer home base for PIVOT.  Don't worry, nothing else has changed.  🙂

I’m still not sure if PIVOT is the right fit - can you help?

Absolutely!  Send me an email and tell me what you're thinking about (mind wanderings are fine, even if you can't articulate the question). I'll record a personal video reply with thoughts.  I'm not here to talk you into or out of it, but I'll happily help you think through whether this meets your needs.  jenika@psychologyforphotographers.com

Three months from now you could still be thinking about change - or you could be serving your first client in the new area.


Three months from now you could still be feeling a twinge when you see someone doing the thing you want to be doing - or you could be networking with them as a peer.

Three months will pass anyway.  Let's make sure you love where you land.

Clicking "Sign Up Now" signals your agreement to our Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy.  All payments are non-refundable.