My name is Jenika McDavitt.

I help creators change their minds.

No, not like that.


As in: “Yesterday, I didn’t think I could do this, but now I’m three steps in and loving it.”

That kind of change.


I studied behavioral neuroscience at Yale, graduated with honors, and went on to get a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Meaning?

I can translate psychology research into stuff you can use immediately.  And enjoy.

The fact is, you (and your team) can devour all the business education and “dial in” any strategies you want.  But a human is still responsible for doing the work. Any hint of anxiety, uncertainty, or fear of judgment that sees you shrink even an inch from today’s to-do list brings down your bottom line and slows your progress.  

My training lets me help you through that, for good.


I started Psychology for Creators because I got tired of consulting with people on marketing plans and realizing they already had one.  What they actually needed was someone to help them manage their feelings and uncertainty enough to get the starting line in their rearview mirror.


I’m not here to motivate you over your next hurdle, I’m here to help you stop flinching at hurdles to begin with.  


Yes, you can hire me to consult on a problem or speak to your group.  Just get in touch.